Monday, May 24, 2010

The White House Holding Back

It looks to me like we need a greater urgency and federal involvement to get the oil spill cleaned up.

Trying to let BP clean up their own mess would seem only right if it was at one level, something manageable. Now that it's a gigantic catastrophe, and apparently not going to clean and fix itself, we need a response that is equally massive.

What's the problem? I read somewhere that the White House doesn't want to get "the blame" if things go badly. Good grief, is that what's motivating us or holding us back, who gets the blame? It should be very clear where the blame lies, with the company that ran the business, plus the poor regulation that came out of the Bush years.

But we have a catastrophe now -- a very depressing mess -- and we need to act like it. They need to get in there and do what it takes and spend what it takes to make it right. Then as far as I'm concerned, let BP go broke and out of business -- who cares about them? I don't. They're vandals anyway.

I think President Obama ought to make this a national priority and get it done.

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