Friday, May 21, 2010

My Elephant Wall Hanging

I think I mentioned the other day that I have now a "meditation room" where I live.

My original idea, which I had 11 or 12 years ago, was to have a room with nothing in it, and call it "the God room" or "God's room." That idea didn't last very long, because I needed the room for my own practical purposes.

Anyway, even the Temple in the Bible, in the holy of holies, had stuff in it. It wasn't entirely empty. Plus, if you just have an empty room there's a terrible echo and it's very distracting.

But what to put in it? My own first thought is practical things. Like a chair to sit in. A little bookcase. Some books. A table. And so forth. Then there is the issue of what to put on the walls. And that's where I'm struggling right now. Because everything I see seems too cliché, not my style, not righteous (in the 60s Righteous Brothers sense), or there's some other objection.

I was at one of those world stores tonight and was looking at some of the wall hangings and so forth. They didn't have a real great selection, but I finally did get one, a wall hanging of some sewn elephants, something made in India, probably by some poor slave making eight cents an hour (I hope not).

Elephants. It looks pretty good, but of course I have a bad association with elephants, which always remind me of Republicans, most of whom I hate. In this case though, I'm figuring what do the Indians know about Republicans? I'm not saying there that much happier than us, but if they don't know much about Republicans wouldn't they have to be?

If the thing screws up my meditations, I'll get rid of it.

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