Friday, May 28, 2010

The Sophisticate At Breakfast

I don't know if people really think I look comfortable in my own skin. I don't, so there's no reason they should think of it.

It's funny, really. Because if anyone should feel comfortable in his own skin, I would think it'd be me. But I sure don't!

Today I was milling around the place where we were about to have breakfast and I was thinking of this. I got up from the waiting bench so someone else would be able to sit, if they wanted. There I was milling around, with nowhere to put my arms. So naturally they're flailing about.

If you cross your arms that makes you looked closed. But if they're just wiggling back and forth, that's a bad look too.

Of course I about tripped over people, with the whole coincidental nature of people turning and trying to walk in the same space.

Finally, while worrying about the parking meter, which I got up to feed, I came back in and my breakfast was hot and steaming, waiting on the table for me. I sat down, the sophisticate at breakfast, and enjoyed it.

We had numerous laughs, which gave me that spontaneous look, no doubt. Then it was time to eat in earnest.

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