Friday, October 10, 2008

Coward McCain Claims "Courage"

You got to love it, John McCain is being exposed as a complete coward.

Charlie Gibson asked him why he didn't make his scurrilous charges to Obama's face, and McCain laughed, saying no one's ever accused him of lacking courage. Well, I'm accusing! McCain is running a courage deficit. No balls. Palin has all the testosterone, McCain's checking Cindy's secret stash of drugs for a quick dose.

Here's a great quote from James G. Gilmore:

John McCain is a coward. If he had even an ounce of courage, he'd have confronted Obama about the association to his face on Tuesday rather than slinking around like a toad and releasing a web ad on Thursday. But of course, that would have given Obama a chance to respond with the truth in front of a huge audience - and the truth, apparently, is anathema to Chickens**t McCain.
I love that "slinking around like a toad" phrase!

This is the shriveled up, old, wasted, gutless loser the GOP went with! I haven't kept up on the latest styles in adult diapers. Do Depends come in pink?

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