Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw -- he's a TV veteran, right? Well, he was terrible. Mr. Hall Monitor, a prim and proper old school marm, nag nag nag, flipping through his rulebook looking for infractions.

Did the precious rules say anything about Brokaw wasting everyone's time being a scold? Good grief, he needed to get it out of his head that we tuned in to hear HIM blather on about lights and hand signals. We didn't.

Whatever the candidates negotiated BEFORE can obviously be overriden by the candidates NOW. It's a little thing called real life.

What moderators should do, if they can't be helpful to the process, is simply shut up. It'd be better not to be noticed than to be noticed for all the wrong reasons. Or, to put it in School Marmese, which he would probably understand, Moderators are meant to be seen, not heard (so much).

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