Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cowardly Lyin' John McCain

Here's a good link, talking about what a coward John McCain is.

McCain knows this Ayers stuff is empty. (I wish the media would simply say it's BS and move on to something else, but that's another story.) He knows it's empty and that he's got nothing. So the more he lets everyone else bring it up, asking him about it, talking in whispers and all the rest, maybe he can get some mileage from it. But ask him to just put it out there in a debate and say it to Barack Obama's face -- McCain's a wimp. Obama would beat him down in about 10 seconds, there'd be a look of emptiness on McCain's face, and we'd all move on.

So, come on you big chicken. You got something to say, say it like a man. Get Obama on the stage and take him on. Gutless wonder.

I loved the joke Jon Stewart had on McCain, when he played the clip of McCain saying he would "take the gloves off" Tuesday night, the night of the debate. Stewart's joke was that under McCain's gloves were just "softer gloves." He comes out looking physically weak, mentally unstable, wandering the stage like he was lost, blurting out embarrassing jokes, insulting the audience, forgetting names, writing down the three priorities Brokaw mentioned, because he couldn't remember three simple things... McCain was pathetic.

Then there's Obama, that look of confidence, following McCain with his eyes, a smile on his face. And one thing you did not see was McCain bring up this crock about Ayers! The coward. Anything McCain had to say would have been immediately smacked down and he knew it.

So, come on, you big chicken. We have Wednesday night's debate. Bring your game, and I don't mean shuffleboard.

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