Friday, October 10, 2008

Unhinged, Erratic

We're getting more and more reports on the dishonorable McCain campaign. That's disturbing in itself, but worse is the effect that McCain's desperation is having on his hopeless, increasingly crazed supporters. It's too bad McCain can't rein in some of this. Since he's on a trajectory toward defeat, why not pull back and try to salvage some last shred of honor? Seeing the effect all this is having on his supporters, why not console them a bit rather than whip them up? He always puts "Country First," you know.

One thing is good about it. I remember a few years ago how none of them could understand how we found Bush extremely distasteful. They were taunting everyone with that "Bush hatred" line. They didn't know how it felt to mourn for our country under the leadership of a total bonehead. That was our point of view. Well, maybe the sense of losing will wake them up to a little more understanding attitude. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

But even so, they're doing crazy things as a response. I definitely don't recall Kerry/Edwards rallies where nutcases were shouting out "Kill him!," "Terrorist!," and "Off with his head!" The Democrats were a lot more law-abiding and levelheaded. The McCain/Palin people have gone off the deep end. And they have an unhinged, erratic candidate to lead them. And don't let us forget his airhead running mate. Of course she's simply doing what they tell her to do, not having an original thought in her head.

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