Friday, October 10, 2008

How Do You Like That?

The people at McCain's rallies, what can you say about them? Somehow they are able to get out of their house, travel to where the rally is being held, go through the process of getting in, then further work through the process of getting a seat, then manage (who knows how?) to get in position to be chosen to ask a question, then they ask it, and it's like, "Duh. Me brain hurt."

Ha ha, how did these goofballs, dingbats, morons, and losers manage all that other stuff? Were they kidnapped off their couch and hauled there unaware? They probably do know how to sit on a couch somewhere, I don't know, it's feasible they do. They appear to be politically aware enough to know that there's an election coming up, and in general who the candidates are. The one lady thought Obama was an Arab, which would be kind of a long commute for him.

I saw a couple clips, Arab lady, and the guy whose wife is going to have a baby on April 2, and he's not sure he wants to bring a child into the world in a country that has Barack Obama as president. But he insisted he would allow the birth to take place, and that it would take place here in the United States regardless of his political qualms. McCain's got that look on his face that says, this question is going to be a bomb.

Is it that guy who thinks Obama is a terrorist or has terrorist associations? I don't know. I've seen a couple other videos, I guess, people in line. One of some really disgusting women, who take over the show, and the other of just quick clips of GOP losers calling Obama a terrorist. The thread that runs through the whole thing is, These people are flaky.

So McCain, who's shown himself on occasion to be a coward, managed to screw up his courage enough to assure the folks that Obama is actually another human being, that he's not an Arab, that he's not scary. So settle down and shut up.

Being the true believers in the GOP cause -- i.e., deadenders in the last throes -- they booed their nominee.

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