Saturday, January 30, 2010

Double You (W)

In my journeys at YouTube I came across some videos for these two darling looking young Japanese women, who, I discovered, went by the name of "W," sometimes spelled out "Double You."

As far as I knew, never having heard of them, they were a current act in Japan. I watched several of the very frenetic dancing videos they do, with a lot of dancing in which each one mirrors the dancing of the other. It's quite charming.

But then I started looking them up, like at Wikipedia, and they're not a current act but were current five years ago or so. But, going by memory, it sounds like whoever owned the act broke it up, disbanded them because they were minors and one of them got in some trouble. Apparently she was caught smoking, which doesn't sound like such a terrible offense, but I don't know all the cultural ramifications. The other thing she did, according to what I read, was to date a 37-year-old man. So it sounds like she got in trouble. I wonder what happened to the guy, since that would be a definite no-no here.

So, they as an act were gone before I ever heard of them. But we still have their videos on YouTube to occasionally enjoy, perhaps.

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