Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Postmortem From Massachusetts

The final final final results aren't in from Massachusetts yet. But the trends are such that it seems like Brown probably will win.

If I wake up and see a picture of Coakley smiling, holding a newspaper, "Brown Defeats Coakley," and it's like Truman, that'll be OK with me. But ... alas, it doesn't look like it is to be.

Which takes away our insurmountable 60 vote majority in the Senate. (Yeah, right.) The whole 60 vote thing was a joke anyway, when we had turncoats, traitors, and ne'er-do-wells in the caucus.

The Republicans will take a lot of joy in this, which of course they should. As for exactly what happened, I'll leave that to everyone else. But it seems to me, if the Democrats had stepped up earlier on health care and got the SOB done, they would've had something to campaign on, instead of just responding to tea party anger, etc. But no, they couldn't do that. Everyone had to be president! Everyone needed his or her cut.

So the postmortem is such that -- if we don't want to see it repeated in November -- we (they, our idiots in Congress) need to get their heads out of their collective rectum and get something done for the people.

By the way, we still need jobs out here. Are you listening, Democrats? Is Massachusetts a loud enough wake-up call for you? It's Massachusetts, for crying out loud, not Utah!

UPDATE: The T-shirt in the ad says: I'M TRYING TO SEE THINGS FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW BUT IT IS HARD FOR ME TO STICK MY HEAD THAT FAR UP MY ASS. A fitting message for our Democrats in Congress. And the White House needs to take notice too.

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