Friday, January 15, 2010

I Don't Want The Dems To Lose ... BUT

I seriously think our country will be better off with continuing Democratic leadership and more of it. The Republicans have shown that they cannot be trusted when governing and they cannot be trusted when out of office. They're liars, cheats, and scum.

But the polls are starting to look bad for the Democrats, meaning, of course, that the only alternative (for some, not for me) is the Republicans. Boo, hiss. We suffered through eight long years of their constant misrule, and it seems like people would have something of a memory of this. But that's the way it goes. It's always "Throw the bums out," not realizing that the bums we'll be getting are worse than the bums we've got!

So I do not want the Democrats to lose. But ... if you govern like a bunch of prima donnas, fighting cats, and outright crooks, don't be surprised that someone eventually notices. The last year has not exactly been the display in Congress that I would've chosen. My own vision of this is for more people like Al Franken, who seem to be there for public service, the common good, and the well being of the country. Instead, we get ne'er-do-wells who are simply big pigs at the public trough. Like Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, and that ilk. Or foxes guarding the henhouse.

The Republicans, again, are worse. Putting our fate in their hands is so bad, you may as well cut your own throat now and cut out the middleman. Because, and you can take this to your failed bank, they'll be as monstrous as ever. Actually worse, since they have President Obama to oppose at every turn. That's their agenda and it ought to be obvious.

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