Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Republicans Burn Me Up

I don't typically watch shows like "Hardball," any of them. I don't even watch the more progressive ones, because there's something I can barely stomach, and that's giving the Republicans the microphone. I don't want to hear what proceedeth forth out of their lying yaps. I seriously don't!

Good grief. You can tell it's lies and spins at the first peep. And yet they give these crumbs a forum to spew their nonsense, hateful stuff. They're little more than worms, no offense to worms.

But tonight I had a sandwich to eat, so I sat in front of the TV and flipped it over to Hardball, and who would they have on but Ron Christie. And they played a clip of Michael Steele. Two of my least favorite people in the world, although they have some serious competition from all the other Republicans.

These guys defend the indefensible, the many instances of Republican hypocrisies. Perhaps the biggest instance of hypocrisy, which was no mentioned, which is never mentioned, is this: That when George W. Bush was president, the president could do no wrong by virtue simply of being the president! He was the law! He was the state! "L'etat est moi!" Unitary executive, all that. A trump over the Constitution. Kowtow, bow low, the Well Beloved Leader cometh forth! That was the Republicans' philosophy!

Now, how differently they speak. The president can do no right. Whatever he says, whatever he does, it's wrong. That burns me up. They are despicable in every way!

At least Chris Matthews got one big "Amen" out of me tonight, when he pointed out that the Republicans' constant criticism of President Obama is at the level of being nothing but absurdity. Amen and Amen to that!

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