Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Andy Williams -- Now Dead To Me?

Good grief. Don't any of the major performers remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks? Remember back, think back. They said one little negative thing about that former god President George W. Bush -- is this ringing any bells? -- and they were castigated, shunned, and kicked to the curb.

But now it's becoming mainstream to say outrageous things about the president. Since he's black and ... (gasp) ... a Democrat! We've got kooks bringing their guns to presidential rallies, and that elicits a gigantic ho-hum. Facebook wonders in a matter of fact way if Mr. Obama should be killed. Just like that.

And now ... this is terrible ... even old Andy Williams is getting in on the act! Who knew mellow Andy Williams was also a crazy, a wingnut?

Who knew Andy Williams would be potentially dead to me? Out of all people. Why would someone of such blessed American memory be jumping on this outrageous bandwagon? Why wouldn't he just keep his stupid yap shut? Can anyone believe this?

Andy Williams thinks President Obama is a Marxist who wants America to fail. Andy Williams thinks that. Andy Williams.

Does this mean I really am going to have to consider Andy Williams actually dead to me? Maybe so. That's sad. He's got like the Number One record at Goodwill for the last 20 years running. He's very hot. I just bought another Andy Williams record at a garage sale this past Saturday. Somehow he sold millions and millions of records and lost millions and millions of fans to death and dementia, because his records are everywhere.

Am I going to need to destroy my latest Andy Williams record? I just got it! Ha ha, don't make me have to do that, Andy.

Withdraw your excursion into wingnut politics. Can't we have Andy Williams back?

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