Thursday, September 10, 2009

It Turns Out Rep. Joe Wilson Is The Liar

Joe "You Lie" Wilson, the idiot Republican Congressman from South Carolina, decided to make an unsavory spectacle of himself at the joint session of Congress, rudely heckling President Obama. Such decorum, get this guy a manual of etiquette.

Now -- isn't this a big surprise? -- it turns out Joe Wilson is the one who is the liar. It's been checked out -- fact checked -- and what the president said turns out to be true. So once again, and I guess it isn't a surprise, the Republicans turn out to be the party of lies. Can't these morons tell half truths once in a while? At least then there might be some ambiguity and they wouldn't immediately caught?

Of course Wilson has his supporters, the usual gang of halfwits -- radio commentators and other right wing scurves.

It's so hard to believe -- the Republicans have really fallen, all self-inflicted.

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