Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reid Cancels Senate Recess

Harry Reid has canceled the next Senate recess, so they can possibly get something done on health care reform.

The next recess? Didn't these idiots just get back from the August break? Don't get me started. I've never believed so much in my life that we've got clowns for a government. Stay there till you actually get something done. But remember, first do no harm.

This article says:

Reid has often threatened to cancel recesses or long weekends to spur colleagues to pick up their legislative pace. But he usually relents, letting fellow lawmakers fly home to visit their families and constituents around the country.
So don't be surprised if he "relents" again. Remember back when we thought Reid was doing "rope-a-dope" since he was a former boxer. Now we know, fighting for the people isn't his thing.

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