Monday, September 07, 2009

Make US Happy, Mr. Obama

The "narrative" now is of a presidency in trouble. President Obama needs to get a credible health care reform package through Congress. And in the process he can't keep everyone happy.

David Axelrod, the president's senior adviser, said, “To govern is to make choices, and to make choices is to make some unhappy.”

In my hallowed opinion, the ones to make happy are the ones who elected you. The ones who voted for you, and the ones who might look forward to voting for you again.

The ones not to worry about so much, which seems to be part of the problem, are the Republicans. They didn't vote for you and they won't vote for you next time. What they think is beside the point, worthless. No matter what you do, they're going to hate it and hate you.

So I agree with Axelrod. Someone's going to be unhappy. But why kick the ones who are on your side? There's an old saying about 'Dancing with the one who brought you to the dance.' Try it!

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