Sunday, September 13, 2009

An iPhone App For Catching Nightcrawlers

Here's an idea for a great iPhone/iPod Touch app that I don't believe is currently available. And essentially all it'd be is a red light like you need for catching nightcrawlers.

When I was a kid, we did a lot of this. But we had to do it the old fashioned way. Getting a flashlight and putting some red plastic over the end of it with a rubber band. A normal white light scares the worms and they immediately go back in their hole. But there must be something about red that they don't notice it.

A flashlight is OK ... It's a lot better than what they had to do with my Grandpa was a kid, before they had flashlights. Back then, they had to put a piece of red plastic over the end of a torch, which invariably melted the plastic and ultimately proved to be worthless.

I got this great idea last night when I was taking the dog out. She pooped and I couldn't see it, so I did what I've done before, used my phone light. And I got to thinking, this would be ideal for catching nightcrawlers, if only...

Plus, if they could build in a worm detector, that'd be great too. And maybe a little basket you hang on the side so you could put them in it.

OTHER IDEA: Is there an app for dowsing? It just occurred to me. You have a picture of a willow stick and you're carrying the iPhone around the land, and you see the picture bending toward the ground, you know you've found water. Maybe the whole phone could physically pull your arms down.

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