Monday, September 21, 2009

MSNBC - The Place For Politics?

Why does "The Place for Politics" have a doctor show on in the morning?

I'm not much of a TV watcher in the morning, since I have to work. But once in a while I turn it on, like the other day. And what do I see in place of news and politics, a doctor show! Dr. Nancy.

How much of this do we need? Dr. Phil, Dr. Nancy. I heard Mr. Food was going for his doctorate. So we'll have Dr. Food. And there's another Doctor Somebody and I think there's even a show called "The Doctors." Must be a collection of doctors who couldn't get their own show so they just banded together.

Maybe this is why we're having so much trouble with health care. All the doctors are on TV instead of the office. I knew something was up when I went for my physical and had to step through a curtain like on the Johnny Carson show. And the studio audience did a real groan when it was time for prostate test. Not as bad as my own groan.

My prescription for TV: Get rid of the doctors. Their patients are sick of it.

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