Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Annoying Updates

I just had the annoying Windows update today that pops up every five minutes asking if you want to restart now or later. For some idiotic reason there's no option to say "Don't bother me for the next eight hours." They're very insistent and ridiculous.

And of course there's a constant Java update to be hearing about. I swear, I don't know precisely what they're updating, but whatever it is, these people definitely have a steady job. Sometimes I don't think there's really any update at all, that they're just trying to rope more people into installing the Yahoo toolbar. Good grief. How about just doing an update or having an option that says "I Never Want The Yahoo Toolbar"?

No mention of annoying updates would be complete without the constant, steady updates for iTunes. It's never just a tiny patch either. The entire everything has to be downloaded. I have a slow computer. So it slowly plods through the entire process over the course of a light year or two.

All the badgering. How about you guys get it right the first time?

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