Sunday, November 08, 2009

Republican Opposition To Health Care Reform

The health care reform bill passed the House. Now it has the bigger hurdle of the Senate, which promises to be an excruciating process.

It's not a perfect bill, of course, like anything that the corporate interests get their greedy paws on. But since we can have perfect, we may as well having something. Certainly they haven't been doing us any favors without reform. It's all cutthroat and it's our throats they cut. If they'd just cut their own and hurl themselves over a cliff that'd be fine.

It ends up with "We The People" sitting here taking the brunt of it. And that's not fine.

Then we have the Republicans, also known as the scourge of the country. Naturally, these crooks voted en masse against the people, except for one lone holdout from Louisiana. They've showed once again -- not that we'd forgotten; we hadn't -- that they are as worthless as they come, and that every one of them, if it were only possible, should be drummed out of office.

It is sickening, very sickening, that we can have these guys just blatantly opposed to anything that might do anyone some good, and get away with it. The big trouble is, not that we couldn't vote them out, but that so many people are fooled into thinking they have their interests at heart. They don't.

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