Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheney, Bah!

President Obama is taking flak from the Republicans for showing respect for foreign leaders, such as a commonplace gesture in Japan, bowing to the Japanese emperor.

This is no big surprise, since of course he'd be taking flak from the Republicans if he didn't show respect for foreign leaders. If we've learned anything about the Republicans by now, it's that they're mad if the sun comes up and they're mad if it goes down.

Now the biggest, rottenest, sleaziest Republican of them all -- one of the biggest, rottenest, and sleaziest anyway -- Dick Cheney says it shows "weakness." You see where this is going, I hope? If Dick Cheney is criticizing you, you must be doing something right. I wouldn't take advice from Dick Cheney on any subject if he handed out free lollipops.

They're talking about a new prison for terrorists. Can we get a cell strong enough to hold Dick Cheney? The man's a world menace. And that goes for his brain-addled family as well.

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