Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Someone Crashed The Dinner

I forget their names. I hadn't heard of them. But it was reported on CNN as a breaking story.

They had the big state dinner with the head of India, of course including many dignitaries from politics and whatever. I wasn't invited, so it can't have been too big a deal.

In the midst of it -- and it wasn't known that they weren't invited -- a couple (having something to do with a reality show) came strolling in, all dressed up, looking like celebrities being received on the red carpet.

They posed for a number of pictures, which CNN showed from Facebook, as they were with Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel.

That would take guts. But also luck, that there's someone stupid enough at White House security to be passing people through who aren't on the list.

Someone on CNN suggested this could be a felony and these people could be in real trouble.

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