Friday, November 13, 2009

Every Third Person Would Vote For Palin

To me, Sarah Palin is a complete disaster -- a train wreck, a ship wreck, a crashed plane, a kamikaze, you name it, she's no good. I seriously would not vote for her under any circumstances. She is dangerous in the extreme.

So I was interested in this sentence in an article in The Nation about the level of support she would get as a presidential candidate:

While the percentage of Republican voters who say they would seriously consider voting for Palin for president stands at 65 percent, among all voters the figure is mired at 33 percent.
"Mired at 33 percent" of course isn't good enough to win. But that's very bad news on a different level. Every third person we see, among voters, would subject this country to her! Good grief, are we insane?

We've had one moron as president, George W. Bush. It's not a job that just any random idiot can handle.

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