Sunday, November 15, 2009

Republicans Play The Fear Card -- Again

Maybe this is the only card these guys have, the fear card.

The latest thing (two things) that America needs to be "verrrrrrry afraid" of are, 1) Putting the terrorism suspects on trial; 2) Moving the Gitmo bunch to a prison in Illinois.

It seems to be like the obvious implication of the fear card is that the Republicans don't believe America is up to any challenge. Whatever we want to do, according to the Republicans, we can't do it. Don't try. Simply stop in your tracks and no nothing. Whether it's health care, climate change, and now dealing with the terrorism suspects in some kind of rational way, it simply cannot be done! It almost makes you wonder why they want to hold office, since they're only message is, No. Stay inside, cover up your head, and shiver in fear.

How we were ever able to keep these guys in Gitmo all these years without them getting loose, I guess there's no explanation for that. It must be luck. Because the Republicans certainly don't think we have any competence. We've been keeping people in prison for centuries -- and the prison technology is improving all the time -- but suddenly it can't be done.

So the Republicans' message is, Since it can't be done, you better be afraid that someone is trying to do it, because they're sure to fail. It's hard to picture them agreeing with Ronald Reagan that it's "Morning In America," because all they see is sunsets. The sun has set on America's ability to succeed, according to the Republicans. Failure is not just an option, it's our only option!

We might wonder, Why would anyone vote for these clowns? I guess they're banking on fear, since it was good in the Bush years for a while. The more afraid we are, the more we'll huddle in close to the Republicans to keep us safe. But since they're doctrine clearly is It can't be done, that's small comfort. We need the Republicans to keep us safe, but the terrorists are going to get us -- like they said, it's not a matter of if but when.

OK, my take on this. I'll take someone a little more optimistic. Like President Obama. Who thinks not only can we maintain the American system of justice, but we can succeed at things we put our mind to.

I don't think these terrorism suspects are 40 feet tall with four arms and an ability to conceal an arsenal up their arsenhole. Since they're people -- this is a big surprise, people just like we are -- we, being people just like they are, ought to be able to handle them, especially given our superior position as the jailER and not the jailEE.

Good grief, Republicans. Please go away and think it over. Americans want an optimistic message. A steady stream of We can't do it doesn't quite cut it.

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