Monday, November 23, 2009

How's Our Confidence Level?

How's our confidence level going into the health care debate on the Senate side? I've been away most of the day today and haven't been hearing the news. But just glancing at it after getting home, it sounds like there's some confidence that the Democratic traitors who've threatened to filibuster might not prevail.

That would be positive. O! if we could only replace them with more dependable Democrats! That would be great! It sucks to have the majority, then to have our own people become the sticks in the mud. You'd think we'd be so stoved up after Republican misrule all those years that we'd be itching to get something positive done in this country. But some of them like the spotlight, it seems.

Who knows what we're going to get? But it sounds like it will at least be something. A free Band-Aid for every child or something. A red lollipop after every physical.

One thing is for sure, the health care system in this country is seriously broken. And it's incredible that anyone (the Republican scoundrels, for example) want to keep it. Let's let them keep it for themselves. And let's get a decent health care system for us! Then see how long it takes the Republicans to come sneaking over for something decent.

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