Monday, November 02, 2009

The GOP Rallying?

I hear the GOP has a couple of possible victories tomorrow. That's bad news, if so. Because I don't want those crumbs to have a rally.

Before you go to vote, remember, who was it who ran this country in the ditch? And who is it who doesn't have a single idea now to get us out and on a better course? The Republicans.

We've got President Obama but he can't do it alone. And a bunch of Democrats who act like they're Republicans. They're no good. We definitely don't need any more actual Republicans.

As I recall, the Republicans started two wars that they couldn't end. Now we're stuck with that, seemingly forever.

The most egregious thing I heard all day was this: the Congressman who should "You Lie" at the president, Joe Wilson, was blaming Obama for there not being enough H1N1 vaccine. But then it came out that Joe Wilson himself voted against funding for the vaccine.

Good grief, man. If you voted against the vaccine, at least have the decency not to complain that there isn't enough! This ought to be grade school common sense.

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