Monday, November 30, 2009

No Clemency For Huckabee

It must be awful, having your presidential hopes riding on the behavior of outlaws and murderers. If one of them acts up, it sinks you. That would be tough.

But that's the situation for Mike Huckabee, whose record as Arkansas governor of releasing dangerous criminals is notorious -- it was strictly an open door policy. It's a good thing he's a religious man, because he has to pray every single night, "Please God, don't let one of these idiots screw up."

Well, they haven't found the guy guilty yet -- they haven't even caught him -- but it's sounding like a guy named Maurice Clemmons might have something to do with the killing of the four police officers this weekend in Washington state. Coincidentally the same Maurice Clemmons that Huckabee gave clemency to close to 10 years ago.

Everyone who's old enough remembers the 1988 campaign, where Dukakis was hammered for signing off on Willie Horton's release. If that was a disqualifier back then, this looks like it ought to be one too.

Huckabee, a nice guy ... but since he's a Republican, a dangerous guy ... maybe a little more neutralized now as to his danger.

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