Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The President Is Going To Be Talking

I wonder if that one channel -- Fox -- will interrupt their programming to put the president on.

If they do, that's good. If not, I won't be watching it anyway. Since I already have other choices.

What exactly there is left to say, who knows? It seems like they've been systematically leaking the entire thing the last few days. With today's big revelation being that we are planning to withdraw (or start) from Afghanistan in 2011.

I heard that old canard that the enemy will wait us out, then move in. That's crazy. We have to act like we're staying everywhere for infinity to keep the enemy guessing? No. If we know when we're leaving, maybe it will make us focus and get the job done. No goal, no pressure.

There were many things to hate about the Bush administration. Everything for them was open ended. Wars were to be started, never ended. It was patriotic to start a war, unpatriotic to end one. The enemy was always in its last throes, but never quite vanquished. The big thing for the Bushies was to keep Halliburton in the green, not to win the wars. Their doctrine was, Perpetual War, Big Bucks.

Now Dick Cheney, that scourge, says he and the Bush administration has no responsibility for the state of affairs in Afghanistan. It's interesting to see Cheney's as disconnected from reality as ever. Too bad he's not in his last throes. Except the last throes for Cheney means perpetual existence, which we don't want. Someone check the Karmameter. Cheney's has to be beeping, smoking, or something.

Am I watching the President? I'm planning to. I support him, by the way. Get the stinking job done, at least sufficiently done to say we gave it our best effort. Then get out. Maybe get bin Laden, if he's still alive.

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