Monday, December 07, 2009

The Republicans In Congress Are Idiots

And worse than that, they're worthless idiots.

Harry Reid likened their obstinacy to health care reform to the same old obstructionism that was in the way for abolishing slavery, women's rights, and civil rights. There's always someone (Republicans) who say the time isn't right, go slower, and start over.

And he's right.

So what do the Republicans say in response. Nothing but their usual "feigned outrage," that anyone would dare call them out.

Well, the fact is, they're trying to shut down the Congress' ability to get anything done. They have very selfish political interests at stake here. As far as they care, the whole country can go down the toilet. Just so their short term (and corporate) interests aren't disturbed.

Bah. I wouldn't vote for a single one of these Republican crooks if they were the only ones on the ballot. Vote 'em out is more like it.

Way to go, Harry. Speaking truth to idiocy.

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