Monday, December 21, 2009

Tom Coburn Prays For Robert Byrd's Death

In this season of love and lights -- of peace on earth, good will toward men -- it's so in keeping with the spirit of things that Sen. Tom Coburn (Republican scoundrel from Oklahoma) prayed on the Senate floor for the death of Sen. Robert Byrd.

Why this sudden dire entreaty to the Almighty? Because Sen. Coburn opposes health care reform so much, to him it's a terrible travesty that the elected representatives of the several states would gather in a democratic way and vote for legislation. Never mind that we voted for health care reform when we elected Democrats and President Barack Obama. Why should the country ever get what it voted for?

Why these cretins, the Republicans, can't think before they open their foul yaps, is anyone's guess. If I'm busy misusing my religion to pray for the death of people, I'd be ashamed (first), then I'd hope no one noticed, so that perhaps I might repent and be back on the straight and narrow path. More would be the pity if I did it right on the Senate floor, where comity and good will are supposed to reign. Isn't that the place where you say "My most distinguished good friend from Virginia" right before you stick in the knife?

Sen. Byrd is over 90 years old. He deserves more from his colleagues than that.

Of course it's hard to come up with a one-to-one way of judging prayers and their results, since the Almighty is nothing if not inscrutable. But we can't help thinking perhaps God rejected Sen. Coburn's prayer and must favor some sort of health care reform in this country. Or maybe God just wants a better quality of prayers from His so-called followers. Like praying at football games that our team might win!

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