Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Experience Trying To Find Out Road Conditions

All I wanted to do was find out what the road conditions were in Iowa. So I thought, Go to McDonalds. I always see they have internet access. I did, and guess what, you need a subscription to McDonald's internet to log on. I don't spend a lot of time in McDonald's, just when we're traveling, so naturally I didn't have a subscription.

Then I thought, they always have it at the rest stops. So we got to the first one in Iowa on the south side. Pulled in and it wouldn't work. It sort of halfway worked ... at first. But before I got connected to the site that has the road map, showing green for good, blue for fair, etc., it quit working. Just sat there sputtering and never loading. It said it was "connecting" but it never did.

So we went on. I checked a couple other places, and it said there wasn't anything available. But at one of those places I might've had my wireless access off, since that was an issue later on.

Then we stopped at the next rest stop, and I was pessimistic, since it was going to the same place -- nomadix -- and sure enough, it wouldn't work. Just sat there saying it was "connecting" even though it never did.

Then at a gas station, there was nothing available.

Anyway, thanks to this great technology, I found out about the roads when I came to them. And not before!

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