Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Senate On Christmas Eve

They say the Senate is finally going to vote on health care reform tomorrow. In the morning, as I understand, so all the members can go do their Christmas activities.

Get it over with. I just wish it would be gotten over with! But now they have to work out some kind of deal between the Senate and House. Wow, is all legislation as tough to work through as this? It makes me feel sorry for the members of Congress. This must be why we keep getting Crap for senators. It's such a bad job.

Anyway, they have their rules. And their rules say it's better to get nothing done than to get something done. So it's a minor miracle that we've gotten this far. And that something is going to come out of it.

There was an article today that said it might all be delayed until February. That is ridiculous in so many senses of the word. Just get it done. I'll say it slowly, for all you congressional bozos: Just get it done.

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