Friday, December 25, 2009

Lennart Sandbergh

This is the only JPG of this album on the internet insofar as I know. I've searched for it a few times and didn't come up with anything. I came up with another LP he made but I don't see any pictures of this one.

This one is not as good as it should be. I have a hard time taking pictures of LP covers and getting them square. They're usually at a little angle or crooked or something and I have to trim them to make a square. So it's missing some red, and it's a little crooked.

But it's still good enough.

This seems like an interesting album. I've heard it. It's very straightforward. No big production values. A man of devotion and his lute.

Lennart, according to other information on the internet, was the Rev. J. Lennart Sandbergh. He played this instrument, the ten-stringed lute, and according to the album cover, he was the country's only touring lute player.

The other info I got on the internet is this. He was born March 24, 1911 and died April 22, 1985. He was born in Holmsund, Sweden, and died in a nursing home in Rockford, Illinois. He was ordained in 1932. Some of this information is from "The Alliance Witness," which is online, dated July 31, 1985. Check

The Alliance is a missionary denomination, and he began service with them in 1962, serving as an evangelist and song leader in camps and missionary conferences until he retired in 1978. He was closely associated with the Salvation Army as well.

He was survived in 1985 by his wife Karin and two children.

The record is on Christian Faith Recordings label. Catalog number LS-1239.

Side One: Beautiful Home; Devotion (Lute Solo); Cling to the Rock; Meditation (Lute Solo); Nearing the Shore; Nearer My God to Thee (Accordion Solo).

Side Two: Hallelujah, I Have Found Him; While the Spirit Passes By; If You Know the Lord; Forgive Me Lord; It May Be Today; In Times Like These.

The Notes:
Singing and Playing by Lennart Sandbergh

Formerly One of the Renowned Northlanders of Sweden

Internationally Known Tenor Soloist

Artist on Lute, Accordion, and Piano

16 Years Pastoral Experience

Meet LENNART SANDBERGH, the musician, and two things strike you. The first is an interesting Swedish background which manifests itself in his somewhat unique musical presentation. The second is his specialty instrument, the sweet-sounding, ten-stringed lute, which dates back to Bible days.
In his native Sweden, Lennart Sandbergh is an ordained minister. His 16 years as a pastor were spent with the Salvation Army and were followed by four years of musical tours sponsored by the Swedish government. His rich tenor voice and his adeptness on the lute, piano, and accordion quickly won the hearts of his countrymen. He has performed in England, Norway, Finland, Canada, Cuba, and in the Bahamas.

In the United States, Lennart Sandbergh together with Ake Forsberg formed the now renowned Northlanders of Sweden. Around four years, the inspirational music of this consecrated vocal-instrumental duo won praise at conferences, camps, and churches all over the country.

Now Lennart Sandbergh is on his own, and his musical ministry continues on the highest spiritual and professional plane. His distinction as the country's only touring lute player is some evidence of the rarity of that ancient instrument. But you soon see that his presentaion is rare also. To hear him is to be entertained, to be inspired, and to know that here is a man truly advancing the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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