Friday, December 11, 2009

I Cleaned Out My Desk Drawer

That sounds exciting, doesn't it?

It's not exciting, but it's an interesting process, except for the fact that I can't wait to get done when I'm doing unpleasant tasks like this.

It's weird, all the stuff you find.

This is the center drawer on the desk where I sit at my computer. I do lots of things with that drawer, mostly pulling it out and putting bowls of cereal, a plate with a bagel, etc., on it. And there's always such a load of junk in it that it's easy to do.

But now, tomorrow, I'll have to come up with some other arrangements, because I cleaned it out, and all the newspapers, phone book, and padding that supports plates is no longer there.

The interesting thing to find: little temporary credit card numbers over the last few years, scraps of paper with people's addresses, email addys, phone numbers, etc., business cards of people I met years ago, etc. I was researching a chiropractor from Kansas one time, trying to match him up with some papers I came across, and his contact information was there. Or his father's, something.

I kept the father's name and threw away the contact information for the son.

Money was in there, pennies, a nickel, a couple quarters. Some dead batteries. And lots of little miscellaneous crap, thumbtacks, pens, some literature on the Gigabeat, which is now out of my life forever. A couple CDs, some small books, a holy card with St. Teresa of Lisieux, a spoon, various bills, screw drivers, a tiny wrench, a cut up credit card, some Post It pads, etc., etc.

It's nice to have it clean!

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