Tuesday, December 15, 2009


What can you do with a guy like this? One guy who wants to sink the whole thing. It's unconscionable.

If I were him, I'd seriously try to fit in, seriously try to look out for the public good. I just don't see how you can be a U.S. senator and go so rogue. It's weird.

But my personality is one of "going along" when common sense seems to be on the side of a particular path. I'm contrarian to a certain extent, but it's not pathological. I have the public good in mind, I care about people's needs and feelings.

It would be very tough for me to be hated by the rest of the party I'm caucusing with. Very tough. I'd have a tough time getting up, going to work, and attending meetings with everyone, knowing everyone there wished I'd buzz off.

It's a real tragedy that Lieberman won his Senate seat back a few years ago. The guy is a definite scoundrel.

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