Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Democrats Trying To Cut Off Funding

I heard a report on CNN about many Democrats in Congress want to cut off funding for President Obama's plans for Afghanistan.

I find that disturbing. He's their President! Where were they when all the funding was going to President Bush's efforts? As I recall, yes, some wanted to cut off funding here or there. But they never got it done. Because there was a lot of paranoia that the Republicans would be able to successfully paint them as weak on defense, hating the troops, etc.

Now the Democrats are in power (sort of), with a Democratic president. And this is the time they pick to make a bold move?

It's real stupid. If they wanted to stand up to a president, as seems to be their daily inclination these days, they should've stood up to Bush.

As to Afghanistan, it might've been over with by now ... if the Democrats had exercised their desires to stand up to a president back when it came to the Iraq war buildup. Where were they then? Rolling over and playing dead for George Bush and his merry men of liars and crooks.

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