Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Senate's Going To Vote

I guess it's tonight ... or early in the morning, like 1 a.m., they'll be voting on something in the Senate relating to the health care bill.

I don't care for all their weird, arcane rules in the Senate. It would be better if they could simply do things in a common sense way. But they have their traditions. The whole thing about the filibuster ... I'm not a big proponent of that. I know it's been good to some extent in the past. But the Republicans have abused it. Which is ironic, because just a few years ago, when they were in the majority, they were arguing that the filibuster was unconstitutional. So it appears their principles are based on whose ox it is getting gored!

Anyway, whatever they're going to vote on tonight will advance it a little farther. Then perhaps, if everything goes well, they'll get something out of the Senate by Christmas Eve. Then they have to haggle it out with the House -- another round of sausage-making -- and finally, sometime, in the New Year, we'll have a bill on the president's desk for him to sign.

I hope it does the Democrats some good in 2010 to have this accomplishment. And I hope the "No" mentality of the Republicans -- worthless obstructionists every one -- comes back to bite them severely. May they go down the drain.

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Technically, I need to say Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages. To help protect their trademark. I believe in saying things properly.

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