Saturday, December 19, 2009

Health Care Reform Will Pass The Senate

I know a lot of people are fed up and angry about the health care negotiations in the Senate. So am I. But I'm not willing to throw my lot in with those who want to "Kill the Bill" and have nothing. Because apparently we're never going to get everything we want in this country, not as long as we have the big insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and other assorted criminals dictating policy. And they're not going anywhere soon. So we may as well get what we can get.

Am I happy with President Obama? Not entirely but I'm not entirely unhappy either. He might just be pragmatic enough to know this is what he was going to get, no matter how much he twisted arms and kicked butts. Still, it'd be nice to see him throw some muscle around occasionally.

As for Harry Reid, I guess if we assume he has the same troubles as everyone else, the fact that some of our Democratic senators are just naturally recalcitrant, he probably did what he could do as well. So apparently they're going to get something done. And I believe that something is better than nothing.

One reason, it gives us something to build on. If we simply started over, then there's no guarantee we wouldn't get something worse. Hopefully, we can tweak what we have and make it better over time.

I wanted a lot more. But when it comes to these guys in the back pockets of special interests, of course we're not always going to get what we want.

Next time let's have fewer Republicans and more Democrats in Congress. Then our chances of negating crumbs like Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman will be greater. The bigger our margin, the less influence these cretins will have.

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