Friday, December 18, 2009

Evernote, Worth Checking Out

First, I'm not an affiliate. I don't get any money for saying nice things about Evernote. No one's paying me.

But Evernote is a great program. You ought to check it out, if you're the kind of person (like me) who likes to keep track of information, even trivial stuff.

It's good for clipping stuff from the web too. And I found you can upload pictures of documents, whatever, and it not only keeps it in place, and stores a copy on your computer if you have the desktop client, but it does some kind of background OCR on it and you can search for words in the picture! That's great!

I've been working with it and uploading stuff. I'm about tapped out on my monthly allowance.

I didn't think I wanted to have the client on my computer, because of course it's storing everything on the computer forever. Then it syncs it with their server. I certainly didn't want it on my old computer -- I did have it but didn't use it much -- because I only had about 10 gig left of memory. It was a small hard drive.

Now with my new computer, there's still over 200 gig left, so I can handle it for a while. It'll take forever -- probably never make it -- for me to put that much stuff on Evernote.

One interesting thing about it, you can go to the website then, from any computer, type in your password and see your information. It's, as you might guess.

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jgrossman said...

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