Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Budweiser Outtakes

I was in a restaurant today looking at a nice Budweiser Christmas card, a display on the table advertising their product and wishing us a good holiday.

There was nice picture of the Clydesdales and the spotted dog they have.

It made me think of how they're featured in the touchy feely ads, marching through the snow. The dog -- what's the dog do? -- sitting on the seat of the wagon.

Then it made me think of how they make the ads. Since you can't have a horse dropping a load in the ad or the dog peeing on something.

In all this thinking, it occurred to me that someone at Budweiser, or the ad agencies, must have quite a bloopers reel of the horses and dog. With the director shouting, "Cut! Put down some white snow there, backup, we'll shoot again in 15 minutes!"

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