Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol -- Louisville

Last night they had American Idol at San Francisco. I watched it on tape because I had something else to do at the time. I was a little preoccupied due to personal issues at the time, so it seemed like the show was interminable, even skipping commercials. They had the usual range of worthless dogs howling all the way up to potential superstars.

Tonight I was feeling quite a bit better, so I sat and watched the Louisville auditions and enjoyed myself. Again, some real crazies out there, thinking they can sing. (I know how that goes though, because I used to be between the ages of 18 and 25, and you think you're the center of the world and can do no wrong. Don't worry, you age and then realize you yourself are one of those worthless dogs howling.)

One guy was a math whiz or something, called a super nerd. They promoed him as drinking out of Paula's glass as a shocking thing. But in the context we clearly heard her tell him to get a drink. Whether that meant her glass, probably not, but she could have pulled it back and said, I don't mean my glass. She didn't. He went for it. Big deal. His singing was bad.

They had a hardluck story at the end. And she of course turned out to be really good and made it through. That was touching, aww. The young guy who came in whooping it up and shouting. He was a total moron, because he actually had talent and sounded great. And he would have likely made it through if he would have piped it down a bit and sang a song in the normal way. Or maybe he'd rather not make it and still be able to say he did his own thing.

Some of the ones, like the enormous guy, were just there for comedic effect and had no chance. But you have to know, don't you? No, you don't know. See what I said above about being between 18 and 25, thereabouts. You really do not know.

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