Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Old Pizza

I'm heating up a day old pizza. I should have eaten it last night, since pizza doesn't keep very long, in my experience. It gets like cardboard and starts to look like it's taking on an extra coat.

The oven's halfway heated and I put the pan in. So I'm typing fast, because it's downstairs and I don't know exactly how long it takes. I try to get it good and heated on the bottom, then turn the broiler on to singe the top a bit. That takes some of the refrigerator chill out of it, assuming the bottom up approach isn't a hundred percent.

They haven't come up with a way to make day old pizza as good as fresh. The closest thing, like I said, is to eat it the same day. So there might be a bit of planned obsolescence.

For other day old food I've come up with a system, which is to put it in a plastic container immediately, right off the stove. Then get it in the fridge soon and it keeps for a few days in pretty good shape. You can do that successfully especially with spaghetti, just keep the sauce and the pasta in separate containers. That's very important.

If you do, then heat it up, it's about as close to fresh as you'd ever want.

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