Saturday, January 03, 2009

Final Bush Countdown

We have -- today's the 3rd, 20 minus 3 -- 17 days -- 2 weeks and slop -- left of the disastrous Bush presidency.

What a long, terrible journey it's been, having this out and out crook as our president. The guy has been one miserable, devious scalawag from first to last. He has been without a doubt the absolute worst leader this country could ever have gotten, unless it was his chief henchman, Cheney.

It's like a nightmare in so many ways. I know my poor body's black and blue from eight years of pinching myself to wake up. Then I realize -- till I forget again -- I am awake, this is reality, we have scum in the White House.

Now they're trying to salvage a legacy for the loser. Ha! And it's funny, they're going about it the same way they ran the entire presidency, by lying, by devious means, underhanded, crooked. Like we're going to forget. I'm not going to forget. I know what Bush was, worthless.

Hallelujah that we have Obama coming in! I was at the exercise place and he was on CNN. They don't have the volume on, so he was just up there chatting with someone, an interview about his upbringing. I had to stop and just look at him and watch for a few minutes. The guy is a breath of fresh air all by himself and on his own terms, of course, but after Bush, he's an entire atmosphere of fresh air.

Bush has been a walking, talking, complete and total disaster. May he and his memory rot.

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