Monday, January 05, 2009


I'm glad Al Franken finally won the election in Minnesota. It's unfortunate it took them two months to count the votes. Now if he could just be in Washington and get seated as he should. But Norm Coleman is tangling it up in legal red tape. Which is kind of weird because he said two months ago that if he were behind, he wouldn't bother with a recount but would "step back." Maybe he wasn't telling the truth?

The way it looks, though, is that eventually -- sooner or later -- Al will be a senator in reality. That'll be cool.

I used to get Al Franken's mail. True. Sort of true. I had a page about him on the internet, and for some unknown reason business credit card places took Al Franken's name for mine and would send me credit card offers addressed to "Al Franken" with my mailing address. I haven't had one for quite a while.

Way to go, Minnesota, finally. Remember, that's the land of 10,000 lakes. But if there's a recount they might find it's only 8,500.

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