Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting Down To It

Our long national nightmare (George W. Bush and company) is almost over.

It's going to be exciting, in a good way, to have Barack Obama as our president. Finally, someone who comes in looking like someone we can trust. Better than the crook we had, who seemed bad from the start.

I wish I could've seen the Inauguration train go speeding by. But I saw pictures at Flickr and also the more official press photos, including some great ones from the inside.

One of the interesting ones at Flickr had Obama all blurry, like they had a second to snap the picture and didn't get it steady. But even blurred you could still tell it was him, and recognize the smile.

The guy makes me smile. It's going to be nice to wake up on Wednesday knowing we've got a president again .... and not that skunk.

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