Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama's First Veto Threat?

Good grief. The Democrats in Congress rolled over for Bush for eight long years. There wasn't anything that bozo wanted that they weren't there to give. Spit polish his shoes, no problem. He had them in his back pocket and pulled them out occasionally to dangle them before the public. We ached and squawked and begged them to stand up "for once" to Bush. Come on, you morons, don't you know he's 28% in the polls! Get a backbone!

Now we have the rare pleasure of having a Democratic president and what are we constantly hearing? That the Democrats in Congress want the president to know they are a co-equal branch of government and that their demands must be met. If Obama wants something, let him come over here and beg. We'll listen to him whine for a while, then vote against him.

This is absolutely ridiculous. We have a Democratic president, or we soon will. The Democrats in Congress need to be on his side. Give him what he wants for a while. For crying out loud. Work with him, not against him. There's zero (ZERO) reason Obama should have to be threatening his first veto before he's even sworn in!

What is it about the Democrats? We have exactly what we want. Let's do something good with it, not disintegrate. Sickening.

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