Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plane Down

I hated to hear about the plane landing in the Hudson River, the whole thing that could have been a massive disaster. But it was great to hear that everyone got out safe and sound.

I feel sorry for the pilot, having to ditch it like that. But everyone's giving him rave reviews for doing it in a great way. He took it down and no one was killed, so that right there is a great day's work done. Still, to think a bunch of geese would hit the engines, whatever it was, that's an unfortunate thing.

They had the show, called something like "Completely Destroyed," on one day and we were watching all the disasters at which people had video cameras. Houses blowing up without warning, cars blowing up, planes crashing, etc. On there there was a problem with birds hitting a plane, two planes at an air show, and they crashed. They had zero time to do anything, yet somehow the pilots of each plane did an ejection and lived. Amazing.

If you ever see some of the old serial movies, in which each episode ends with certain death for the hero, the next week they have experienced a miraculous ejection. It's like that.

Hopefully the pilot will be totally vindicated and will continue on as a great pilot. Good for the people surviving. That was amazing and it's a happy thing.

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