Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The ER

I experienced firsthand today all the excitement and pacing that is the modern ER. Meaning, of course, that we sat there hour after hour with very little actually happening.

You'd think some of this stuff could be expedited in some way, the labs, the reports you get back (or don't get back). Don't they use digital technology? Have access to modern methods?

First there's all the laborious stuff of getting (the person's) allergies, medications, past surgeries, etc. The fact that she's been to the hospital a dozen times in the past doesn't lead to pulling the files and having this information.

Then everything else meanders along. Finally they took a CT scan and we sat. A nurse came in to check on the pain level and said the CT scan didn't show such-and-such. But the doctor never came in -- never came in -- to say what the conclusions were.

An hour or nearly two passed and two new doctors came in and basically started over. When did the pain start? Where's it at? What did you have for lunch? etc.

Being at the ER is a real drag!

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