Thursday, January 08, 2009


Is Facebook really that interesting? Whether you or your relatives are watching a video, ordering food, taking a bath, or sweeping the floor ... is this something that can be sustained over the long term, as far as checking on it?

The saving grace for all such questions when it comes to the internet is: It doesn't have to be sustained over the long term, because there's isn't a long term. Meaning, there's always something else to come along to take its place before it gets overly boring. And what is not cool is passe and ignored. Like My Space.

For me My Space was worse, because of all the switching of backgrounds and instantly playing songs, then they loaded it up with ads and it slowed down to a crawl, you could barely get logged on. So many glitzy blinking, garbage looking graphics ... I lost interest fast. I was helping some of my "friends," (relation), try to get their code in the right place. It's a mess.

Facebook is simpler, more attractive. But is it interesting?

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