Thursday, January 22, 2009


It was great to see President Obama signing the order to close down our famous prison camp at Cuba, even though it will take up to a year.

Already the Republicans are bellyaching about how unsafe that will make us. As though these prisoners, unlike other prisoners, will be prone to prowling our peaceful neighborhood, exacting their revenge on us, as well as other crimes on top of that. Why they think this? Because they're Republicans, they're stupid.

I am sick to death of the Republicans in Congress and their obstructionism. Already we're hearing of anonymous holds on appointees, all kinds of backstage skullduggery on the part of these cretins. How come the Democrats weren't holding back Bush's appointees? Or did I not hear about it? They're in the minority, the R's, and yet no matter how far down they are, they're still right there, baldfaced, obstructing and carrying on like they're lords of the manor.

As for Norm Coleman and obstructing Al Franken from taking his seat, this is ridiculous. I want someone to step in there and put an end to it and say, the election is over, the votes are counted, you lost, step aside. We need a judge to end this mess. We've come a long way from the time Coleman said he would step back if he found that he had fewer votes. But of course that was when he thought he had won. Now that it's obvious he lost, no amount of obstruction is too much!

Republicans. Bah.

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